United held for ransom

You would have thought with Wayne Rooney entering his tenth year at Manchester United, that he would hold the club that he has played the majority of his footballing career with in a special light. Therefore agreeing a new contract would surely be dependent on footballing matters, not financial, especially given his immense £250,000 weekly wage.

However for the second time in his united career Rooney has cleverly exploited his situation and the situation of the club to earn him a pay rise, and in turn also has also received considerable more power within the club, as it is almost a forgone conclusion that he shall receive the armband, after the expectant departure of Vidic in the summer.

However you wonder how this responsibility has been bestowed upon someone who has previously shown such a lack of respect to the club, firstly complaining about the lack of star quality within the United squad and then being aggrieved with playing second fiddle to Van Persie following his arrival in the summer of 2012.

I am not saying however that Rooney is not worth this much to Manchester United as he has certainly been there focal point this season, and for many seasons previous. But I find it difficult to comprehend why someone who has the clubs best intentions at heart, would shackle the club more financially with such high wage demands, with the five year deal costing United in the region of £70 million. As surely if footballing motives were his priority he would want United to be as competitive as possible in the forthcoming transfer market. Especially with the situation that the club find themselves in at the moment.

I do feel though that Rooney may come to regret these actions nevertheless as although these ‘transfer requests’ have earnt him considerable money. I do believe they will taint his United career, and the opinion United fans hold of him. Thus surrendering what surely would have been have been a legendary status at Manchester United. Being regarded as one of the greats, but not one of the favourites.
Dougie Gordon